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Effective substance abuse treatment is comprehensive, beginning with a full detox program and residential care for addiction, and including excellent medical care, intensive therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment. All these services and more are provided by Geoffrey Booth, MD, and the compassionate team at LifeSync Malibu. Your substance abuse treatment at LifeSync Malibu is delivered in a supportive environment that treats your whole body with nutritious restaurant-quality food and a peaceful setting overlooking the ocean. To learn more about substance abuse treatment, call the office in Malibu, California.

Substance Abuse Treatment

What is the difference between substance abuse and addiction?

Substance abuse is broadly defined as using a substance in a way that’s not intended or recommended. In the case of prescription drugs, abuse consists of taking more than the recommended dose. Using illegal drugs is a clear indicator of substance abuse. 

If you drink alcohol, excessive use is defined as eight drinks or more per week for women and 15 drinks or more every week for men. 

Abuse also occurs when the substance causes harm. For example, you may:

  • Develop health problems
  • Fail to meet your responsibilities
  • Fail to control your actions
  • Engage in risky behaviors
  • Damage relationships 

Your substance abuse becomes an addiction when you:

  • Have cravings you can’t resist
  • Need to gradually consume more to get the same effect
  • Develop withdrawal symptoms if you stop using the substance 

You develop an addiction when ongoing and excessive substance abuse changes the brain’s wiring, resulting in cravings, memory and learning problems, and a loss of behavioral control. 

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Can I prevent substance abuse from becoming an addiction? 

The answer is yes, you can prevent substance abuse from becoming an addiction. In reality, however, addiction prevention is a challenge because most people don’t realize they’re overusing the substance.

If you stay aware of your drinking and drug use habits and seek help early, you can get treatment that helps you prevent addiction. 

What type of substance abuse treatment will I receive?

The team at LifeSync Malibu offers a comprehensive detox program and a wide range of therapies and treatments that are customized to meet each person’s individual needs and help them get better.

Substance abuse treatment includes: 

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

MAT combines medication with therapy. Your doctor may prescribe one of several medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms during detox. You may also receive medications that support your recovery and psychiatric medications as part of dual diagnosis treatment. 

A dual diagnosis refers to having both a substance use disorder and a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


Addiction isn’t curable, which means you’ll continue to struggle with urges and face the same situations that triggered your substance abuse in the first place. The only way to prevent a relapse, sustain your recovery, and live a thriving life is with therapy. 

The experts at LifeSync Malibu offer many types of therapies that help you understand issues from the past that haven’t healed, confront your emotional and behavioral habits, and learn better ways to cope as you move forward. 

A few examples of therapies that are especially beneficial include individual therapy, relapse prevention, and group therapies such as dialectical behavioral therapy and psychodrama.

To get individualized substance abuse treatment that gives you hope for a great future, call LifeSync Malibu.

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