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When one family member develops an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, every person in the family is affected and the family dynamics change in many unhealthy ways. At LifeSync Malibu, Geoffrey Booth, MD, and a team of experienced therapists provide custom-tailored family crisis management that helps patients restore a healthy relationship with their family and that also helps all family members heal from the trauma. To learn more about family crisis management, call the office in Malibu, California.

Family Crisis Management

Why is family crisis management included in addiction treatment?

Family therapy is a powerful intervention for patients recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and for many, the most challenging relationships are within their family.

At LifeSync Malibu, the team understands that healing from your wounds is aided by therapy that supports family healing. They work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for family engagement.

In many cases, we see families reunite. In other cases, some family members may be engaged in substance abuse or other toxic behaviors. If that’s your situation, your therapist at LifeSync Malibu helps you develop healthy boundaries so you can stay strong and sober and continue to recover. 

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What is family crisis management?

As patients enter treatment at LifeSync Malibu, and during their recovery program, their family members are often in crisis. They experience rapidly fluctuating and difficult emotions. 

Family members face diverse emotions that developed over the months and years of having an addicted family member, as well as current hopes and fears surrounding detox and recovery.

The crisis management specialists at LifeSync Malibu step in to help families navigate the crisis they face. The type of crisis varies from one family member to the next, so their therapy is always individualized to address their immediate needs.

The family receives compassionate support from experienced therapists who help them identify the issues, learn coping skills, and develop a plan for moving beyond the immediate crisis to better support their family member during recovery. 

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What happens during family crisis management?

Family crisis management uses a variety of therapeutic techniques that combine education and psychotherapy. During this time, individual family members may need help with mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. 

Families learn about addiction and recovery, while also focusing on crisis issues such as:


  • Learning coping strategies
  • Practicing stress management
  • Discovering how to set boundaries
  • Developing tools to change behavioral challenges
  • Taking steps to build a support network
  • Finding ways to deal with guilt, shame, and anger


Families can explore their own emotional challenges and behavioral patterns associated with their loved one’s addiction. They learn to make positive changes that rebuild relationships within the family and support their loved one’s recovery. 

To learn more about family crisis management, call LifeSync Malibu.

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