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Dual diagnosis treatment is designed to take care of the whole person, encompassing your mental health and your addiction. Geoffrey Booth, MD, and the team of therapists at LifeSync Malibu have extensive experience with patients who need help for substance abuse and who also have a mental health disorder that may or may not have been previously diagnosed. The team performs an in-depth assessment to accurately diagnose your co-occurring disorder, then they develop a custom-made plan that treats every aspect of your health. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Malibu, California.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is dual diagnosis treatment? 

Dual diagnosis is the term used when you have a substance use disorder and a mental illness, a combination that’s very common. 

Over years of treating patients with substance use disorders, the team at LifeSync Malibu has developed an intensive screening protocol that identifies those at risk for a dual diagnosis.

They perform in-depth diagnostic assessments to identify your mental health challenges. Then they develop individualized dual diagnosis treatment that encompasses every facet of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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What mental health problems occur with substance use disorders?

The skilled therapists at LifeSync Malibu frequently treat patients with a dual diagnosis of: 


Depression doesn’t improve after clients detox and move into recovery. Instead, their depression continues, a problem that’s frustrating for people whose depression makes them feel hopeless and like a failure despite living clean. 

Anxiety disorders

Patients with substance use disorders have many types of anxiety, from generalized anxiety and panic attacks to situational anxiety and specific phobias, such as fear of heights or snakes. The team at LifeSync Malibu offers many therapeutic options for all forms of anxiety. 

Bipolar disorder

You need a detailed evaluation to determine if you have bipolar disorder and which of its two primary types you have. Bipolar I is a more severe illness with full-blown mania that disrupts your life and often requires hospitalization. 

Bipolar II is less debilitating but still presents a significant challenge. With customized treatment, you can manage your bipolar disorder and overcome your alcohol or drug problem. 



Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Symptoms of PTSD include:


  • Repeated and unwanted memories of abuse
  • Fear and avoidance of situations that trigger unpleasant memories
  • Flashbacks of traumatic experiences


PTSD causes emotional damage when you’re abused or you experience other types of trauma. Trauma work is a highly specialized field of therapy that’s critical for your recovery, and it’s available at LifeSync Malibu. 

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How does genetic testing help with dual diagnosis treatment?

Numerous medications are available to treat each mental health condition and substance use disorder. Additionally, each patient metabolizes medications differently. 

As a result, finding the best medication typically requires trial and error. The team at LifeSync Malibu solves that problem with genetic testing.

 Genetic testing targets the best medication by revealing how you metabolize each drug, the optimal dose based on your metabolism, and your risk of side effects.

To learn more about the dual diagnosis program, call LifeSync Malibu.

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