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Why Choose LifeSync? What makes your program different? With all the treatment centers out there, how do I make a choice that will lead me to success? These are just a few of the many questions we get asked. At LifeSync Malibu, we understand that Addiction and Mental Health problems are medical illnesses and as such, need to be treated that way. We believe that a Medical Doctor should research and utilize the latest medical science to create safe and comfortable detox protocols and mental health remedies. Most centers do not have provisions for thorough psychiatric evaluations and diagnostics. We do. Dr. Booth will evaluate each patient and take time to get to know you on a personal level. Unlike the office setting where there are a lot of white coats and white walls and sterile intimidating machinery, Dr. Booth will offer a private, low-key evaluation that will inform the medical and psychiatric process. We offer genetic testing to help determine if the medications you are taking are appropriate for you. Everyone's body responds differently to different medications. We will make sure that you are on the correct medications!

Untreated mental illness is highly prevalent in the addiction community. Overtreatment is also a concern. For many, drugs and alcohol are ways people self-medicate because the suffering of a co-occurring illness is so severe. Other patients have deeply painful traumatic memories. We feel that it is important to meet these maladies with kindness, gentleness and compassion. By correctly and effectively diagnosing mental health conditions, our clients can maximize their success for recovery.

On the other hand, we see many people who have been misdiagnosed with mental illness and loaded up on psychoactive medications. In these cases, we take great care to understand the psychiatric underpinnings of your condition and utilize the correct medications. For example, there are many medications given for depression that can trigger undiagnosed bipolar disease and lead to erratic and impulsive behaviors with disastrous consequences. Taking a medication inventory and understanding your psychodynamics is critical to the healing process.

After we make the medical diagnosis, we don’t stop there. We utilize our own custom designed assessment of each client. We use the latest Guidelines from the American Society of Addiction Medicine. This scientific approach has been tested and informed by the nation’s leading experts in addiction medicine. Our clinical team will go through each aspect of the evaluation you and forms an expert clinical impression on your individual care needs. This is another key element in our treatment program.

Once we have the necessary information, Dr. Booth and the clinical team discuss treatment goals and options. We take a 360-degree view of your clinical and medical make-up and design a program that is a perfect fit for you. Each group and individual therapy session is informed by your specific needs. As you progress through the program, you will gain insight and understanding into your recovery. The clinical team will be right by your side through each phase of your programming. We will review and modify your care plan so you can stay on track. You will gain effective tools and a sense of well-being along with a positive outlook on how you can recover once and for all.

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