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Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

Learn how to prepare for opioid detox and withdrawal. Breaking free from opioid dependence is not an easy feat. First you must commit to stopping the drug, but after that you are starting down the detox process. Many who really want to quit opioids are not able to progress in recovery because they attempt to […]


How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Urine

Learn about How the Body Flushes Heroin From the System Urine tests are just one type of testing that can be used to detect a drug, such as heroin, in the system. Testing is used to detect substance use in many settings, and for diverse reasons. Schools test athletes, rehabs test clients, sober living homes […]

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What Does Fentanyl Look Like?

Fentanyl is Being Smuggled Into the U.S. at an Alarming Rate If you wonder which drug is the most potent and deadly on the street today, look no further than fentanyl. In fact, handling fentanyl is so risky that police and first responders fear having contact with the substance. Just a tiny amount of the […]

Understanding the Blood Alcohol Level Chart

Learn How to Read the Blood Alcohol Level Chart to Avoid Excess Intake Most adults who are of drinking age are aware of the .08% blood alcohol limit (BAL) as defined by the state. Utah is the only state that has a .05% legal limit, meaning a lower level of alcohol intake is allowed.  The […]


Night Sweats and Other Signs of Alcoholism

Get to Know the Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder Alcohol can have toxic effects on the body. These don’t appear early on, but rather emerge when the levels of alcohol-related toxins build up in the bloodstream. When someone has an alcohol use disorder (AUD) they will feel the effects of these toxins in the period […]


How to Manage Ambien Withdrawal

Chances are you or someone you know has an Ambien story to tell. This popular sleep aid has become famous for odd adverse effects it has on some people. These have involved sleep-eating, sleep-driving, memory lapses, seeing things, odd acts, and accidents. One thing you don’t hear much about is how rough it is to […]

Healthcare Employee Burnout Can Lead to Addiction

COVID-19 Has Put a Burden on Our Healthcare Workers Who May Turn to Substances Working in the healthcare field is stressful. All levels of healthcare workers, such as doctors, nurses, and support staff, have to manage stress every day. Some areas of the healthcare field, like ER doctors and nurses, have a very high level […]